It was a late night last night.

Photo from CBC

Photo from CBC

Sometime after 1am I crawled in to bed and drifted off to sleep. But before that I was sure to pray for our nation, our newly elected MPs and for our new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

After 10 years, Canadians voted for a change, and change is what swept across the nation yesterday.

Shockingly some very good MPs lost their seats. Surprisingly areas of the country turned red against wildest expectations.

As a Christian there are parts of the Liberal platform I could not support, as there were with all other parties running in my riding. There were also parts of the platform I did like, as I did with all other parties.

There will be legislation I will be opposing, some of it more vocal than others. Just as there will be changes I will support.

In the end, I put my trust in our elected leaders, and pray they will do what is best for the weakest and most vulnerable in our country, so that Canada will continue to grow even more as the greatest nation in the world.

I invite you to spend time today praying for your local MP and for Justin Trudeau and his team. They will need them as they take over a country facing some challenges, and together we can move this county forward for the benefit of all.

God bless Canada.