ashwedIt feels like, lately, that only one minister in the whole of the United Church of Canada ever makes the news these days. And she says that she is representative of many in this denomination.

That’s not true. There are some of her supporters who say the “majority” agree with her, and I don’t believe that for a second.

Here’s what this woman has most recently said in the news.

I want the United Church to accept that the Bible is not the authoritative word of God…

That’s not going to happen. In fact, we’ve actually said within the last 5 years that everything else we believe in this whole denomination is subordinate to scripture, as the authoritative Word of God.

I will never agree fully with what this denomination says on a whole variety of issues, and believe me there are many issues I disagree with in this church.

But the authoritative Word of God is not something I will let go of.

And I will also say publicly in this space that I am a firm believer of the triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as I affirmed in my ordination vows June 6, 2009.

Jesus, my Saviour, changed my life, bringing me into an amazing personal relationship with God that has helped me understand quite the opposite of the woman mentioned above. She believes that belief in God has started many a wars and divisions in this world. And maybe there is a hint of truth to this. But, I believe those divisions were created not by God but by men and women who have completely missed what being in relationship with God really is.

In short, they know of God, but they do not truly know Him.

To truly know God is to know His love. A love which heals relationships and souls. A love which brings peace to troubled hearts.

I know Jesus died for my sinful ways, and I am so grateful for this, because of the wretch I am, I need the One who can forgive and help me live. And it’s only my Father in heaven who can do this.

I am not one of those atheist ministers they keep saying are in ministry all over this church.

Even if it were possible I could be one, I would do the honourable, respectful thing and hand in my credentials, rather than continue to drag the church through an ugly process that does nothing but drag the church’s name and reputation through the mud.

I stand in the pulpit and boldly proclaim that Jesus is Lord of my life, and invite others to say the same.

My United Church brothers and sisters… who’s with me?

Let’s tell the world we believe and won’t stand for someone else to say anything different!

Jesus is Lord of my life!
Is he Lord of your’s?