There’s been a video popping up in social media over the last couple of weeks.

Apparently Steve Harvey likes to chat with the audience after he records an episode of Family Feud. Here’s one he posted on Facebook and people have been sharing since…

Yes, he is right. Everyone one of us has been gifted by God at something. Find your something. If you don’t know what it is, ask God to help you find it.

Now, about the jumping part. It’s scary! It’s not easy because you don’t know if that parachute is the right one. You don’t know if it’s packed correctly. But if God has picked this parachute out for you, it’s probably the right one.

Now, Steve is pushing a bit of prosperity gospel. He’s saying if you find the parachute made just for you, and you jump, you’ll get all you dream of and more. To this I say, “Be careful.”

For me, I walked away from the money to follow what I believed God had in store for me. When I jumped, God was calling me away from what I thought I wanted in life, and am I ever glad I did. I found happiness the corporate world could never give me.

What will happen when you jump is that you will get your true joy. It will help you find the joy of life God has in store for you. Not what corporate America has in store for you. You might not get your million dollars we’d all like to have, but you will find your joy. So don’t go to the top of the cliff expecting riches and rewards.

Expect joy.

Joy only God can give.

So let God help you find and pack your parachute. And when you do, get ready to jump. God will be sure to be there when you land.