Earlier this month I was selected to watch God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness (aka “God’s Not Dead 3”)

I’ll be honest, when I sat down to watch it, I feared for the worst. Sequels are often disappointing, and I was worried this would be one of those low budget Christian cheese factories the world has been inundated with lately.

I was pleasantly surprised though.

In the movie we follow Rev. Dave as he tries to save his church after a fire and public pressure to shut it down completely. As we see Dave fight for his church, we also see great stories of struggle which we all feel from time to time, and the need to trust God in the chaos.

No one is free from the struggles of life, and through the movie we see how lives cross and pain intermingles and often overwhelms us.

Life is not a bouquet of roses, and the latest installment of God’s Not Dead does a great job navigating relationships for a movie with a great message the whole family can discuss.

I recommend you see it if it’s in your neck of the woods, or wait until other options become available if it doesn’t come your way.