Tomorrow is my last Sunday at my field education site. What a journey it’s been. I have grown so much in the last 3 terms being part that community.

It’s an incredible place to be part of. A brand new church, a growing congregation, and a group of people dedicated to serving. They are truly blessed, as I have been blessed to journey with them.

They have welcomed me so openly, I feel as though part of their family. My first sermon was preached there, and what a long way I’ve come since delivering that first one!

Tomorrow morning will be hard, but I know that they will continue to support me in prayer and thoughts, just as I will continue to do for them.

I’ve got my last reflective service to lead (our 9:30 short service we call Worship Too) using technology. I’ll have my guitar to lead them in some music that I have written, as well as to sing for them a personal favourite this time of year.

Then it will be onto the regular worship, saying good bye to the choir, my lay resource team and the rest of the congregation.

All the best my friends! God bless.