I was doing pulpit supply at a 2-point charge just outside the city this past weekend.
The first service went pretty much as expected. We prayed, we sang, I preached, the usual stuff. No problem.

When I walked into the second service 10 minutes before it starts, the father of the usual organist (who’s graduating high school this week) came up to me to inform me that the replacement for his older daughter, who happens to be his younger daughter, has been struck by nerves and cannot play this morning.

No big deal, really. I had chosen some well known hymns, so we would sing without her accompaniment. I am not a bad singer, and have enough volume to lead, plus another woman was there who also is a good singer. So we made it through just great. As an added bonus, the son of the singer wished to play his recorder during children’s time, so I let him and that was the children’s time.

So it was a different service, but nice just the same.