since I last posted. Not that there hasn’t been anything to post about, a lot of it is either lack of time or energy to post about all that’s been going on.

Since becoming a candidate for ministry, I’ve started officially as student supply for the Sambro-Jollimore pastoral charge. It’s a lovely two-point charge on the outskirts of the city. St. James in Sambro sits right on the ocean. The window in my office is probably 100 feet from the water. Yet I’m still productive when I’m in there! 🙂

I had my first funeral yesterday morning, and by all accounts, it went very well from a presiding point of view. I suspect I’ll have one or two more in the next couple of months as the health of some members of the community continue to decline.

It looks like I’ll be there until the start of July, which will be perfect because at that point we’ll be looking to do some heavy packing before internship starting in September! Things are going so well and moving so fast right now, however I remain cautiously optimistic. It was a very long 4 years getting to this point, and want to be careful going forward as not to take any big steps back in the process.

The band! The band has become more than any of us have imagined. The response to us has been amazing. It’s not our abilities, we’re average at best, but we bring passion and energy for praising God wherever we go. Both of which people seem to be really responding to! We continue to pray for this ministry we offer, it clearly is a calling that none of us expected to find, and God continues to carry us on this awesome journey.

I created us a website ( and we’re getting offers to play in various venues. Like last Friday night we played a worship event for a youth group in Dartmouth. We played for an hour with some prayers and readings intermixed. It was an amazing evening, and we sounded good! It was our first time with mics, and we found it sooo helpful. We’ve been invited to a worship coffee house next month, but aren’t sure yet if we’ll get a quorum of the band to be able to go. Our keyboard player has already indicated she can’t make it, and it’s the last weekend of classes too, for the rest of the band who are in school this term! (not me, wheee!)

The kids are great, Anthony hasn’t slept much better yet, but we’re still hopeful that soon things will turn around. If we are able to predict his bedtimes we find we can get a better night’s sleep. But we shall see how it continues.

In a nutshell, that has been my month. Other than many sleep deprived nights, it’s been a good month. There’s no doubt that I’ve been supported with energy from God, because there are somedays where keeping the eyes open is a huge challenge! Thanks be to God!