So last night I mc’d a fundraiser for the North Dartmouth Outreach Centre at Stairs Memorial United Church.

What a night!!!! It was a night of music… no… amazing music.

There was something for everyone… country, barbershop, CCM, church choirs doing various pieces, instumentalists playing various styles of music.

At the end of the night, Two Cents took the stage and had an amazing set. We never had such feedback from an audience before, it really fed us as we played. I think I finally came down from that high sometime this afternoon. Now I see the attraction for rock stars to keep playing so long after they should have retired! 😉

Well, we have a couple days break before we play a big youth event at an Anglican church on the 23rd, then a coffee house on the 31st. This has been an amazing journey for us. When we started just taking a break and jamming together last fall we had no idea we’d turn into a group headlining an amazing evening of music with many amazing artists raising a bunch of money for a food bank. Thanks be to God is all I have to say.