Well, it’s Easter weekend.

And what do we end up with down in Halifax? Our worst winter storm of the year. I have no idea if there will be church in the morning, a fair bit of snow is already down, and there’s another 15-25cm expected! We shall see what the deciders decide in the morning.

Otherwise, the Good Friday service went very well last night. I didn’t preach, but instead had a series of breaks as I read “with gusto” (as someone put it) the passion narrative from John.

The full-time minister is returning full-time, much sooner than expected, however she hopes that I will still be able to help her out for a little while. First up is a graveside service for a member of the community who passed away early this morning. Whenever the roads get cleared to Sambro I’ll get out to visit the family and see what they would like.

While I’m glad she’s back, I’m a little saddened as well. The people of the two churches are amazing people. I have grown a lot, and experienced a lot as well. I will miss them very much whenever I am finished there. Someone mentioned after the service last night they’ve seen a lot of growth in me in the short time I’ve been there. And I have grown, but I’ve also become much more comfortable with myself in the pulpit, which allows me more freedom to preach from the heart, and not be afraid of how people will react, because the more I preach from the heart, the better I preach. Simple as that.

So welcome to a white Easter here in Nova Scotia, God bless you and may we let the risen Christ shine in all our lives.