It’s been an eventful past week!

It started on Thursday night, really, when I met with people in the church to hand in my resignation. I was on contract until the end of June, but voluntarily stepped aside once news came in that the full-time minister would be coming back May 1. The churches just aren’t big enough for 1.5 ministers. So I felt it best to resign and wish them well.

That said, it was not an easy decision because my four months ther were amazing! The people were fantastic, and I learned a lot of myself in ministry.  I will miss being part of their family a lot.

But on Saturday, after much waiting for phone calls, I found out where I will be on internship in September. We’re heading to Montague, PEI.  We’re quite excited about this, it seems as though it will be a great place to do ministry.

So for now, I begin to explore what will keep me busy between now and when we move!