And a good weekend it was!

Sunday was packed with worship. I had the usual two morning services, and they went well. At least comments since then would indicate that to be the case.

Sunday afternoon, Hillcrest was playing host to the province’s Peace Officer’s Memorial Service, where : the Charlottetown Police Choir provided good worship music, the names of the officers from across Canada who died in service the last 20 years were read, and it ended with 7 bagpipes blaring out Amazing Grace, talk about powerful! Wow! We should check the windows for stress fractures! It was a really nice service, and I had nothing to do but sit and take in the worship.

Sunday evening, we hosted a Canadian Bible Society Songarama, there were 8 performers/choirs who provided music. My guitar and I were second last and I played “In the Secret”, “Holy is Your Name O God” (one of my own songs), and “Blessed Be Your Name”. Overall the music was a wide variety, and all good. It reminded me off why I love these kind of “gathering the community” services, where we just get together and worship God together, giving whatever gifts we have.

It felt a little weird being in front of 200 people without the rest of the band. It’s the first time I’ve performed in front of more than say 50 without Two Cents being there with me. But it went well.

Today it’s back to work, I’m preaching at the Sturgeon UCC Anniversary service Sunday night!