Ok, by now we’ve heard the tragic news of yet another shooting… this time at a church. What boggles my mind in the story is not that the mega-church had security, but it had armed security that shot and killed the man.

Now, because the security was armed, many deaths were avoided as the 7000 worshipers made their way out of the church. But, I still wonder why they are armed. What sort of society are we living in where churches need armed guards to keep unwanted people out?

I don’t know how to respond to this right now. I realize that the US is a different world than I live in, and guns are viewed differently than in Canada, but what message are we sending to people coming into our churches if they are met by armed guards at the door?

Does anyone out there have reason or insight into why this layer of security has been put in place? I just can’t seem to figure it out, except that since this was Haggard’s church maybe they’ve had plenty of threats against it? Or is this becoming a norm as part of the mega-church phenomenon?