Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere. We have no plans to leave Sydney Mines any time soon.

What I’m talking about is strategies around church growth.

Everything I hear when people talk about the future of the church is, “What can we do to bring people into the church?” And then of course we never come up with a viable answer.

I want to see the question changed… I want the question to be, “Where can the church meet people?”

I believe this question opens up a lot more opportunity for the church to open up the Gospel message to the people in our communities. If we get out of our buildings and introduce people to our faith, then we are doing better work in introducing people to the love of God.

Someone found this great video put out by the folks at Church From Scratch in England which points out the effectiveness of getting back to the basics of sharing the Gospel message and not waiting for people to decide they need to come to the church to get something they don’t even know they are missing.

Jesus walked among the people. He sent out disciples into the communities. The first apostles spread out across the land.

Sitting and waiting does not produce results. Actions, connections, relationships do.