It’s Time To Wake Up

Scripture Reading: Romans 13:11-14

sunrise treeThe days seem so short right now. Where I live we are down to only about 9 hours between sunrise and sunset. The night is so long, and without any snow on the ground, there is so much darkness.

It can be hard to feel hopeful this time of year. It can be hard in all this darkness to think about light. Yet here we are at the start of Advent. A time when we start to look towards the Light.

It’s a time to wake up! It’s a time to prepare ourselves.

Jesus is coming! The light of the world is coming into this darkness to make us whole and to bring us into relationship with God.

Lord, help me to see the Light that is to come in the present darkness.
Awaken my heart to Your Son, Jesus Christ, and the hope you offer. Amen.