Not Overtaken

Scripture Reading: John 12:35-36

MilkyWayEvery summer we spend time at the family cottage on a small, quiet lake. On clear nights we walk out onto the dock, lie on our back and stare at the stars. When we first lie down we often can’t see very very much. We’ve walked out from the lights inside the cottage using a flashlight to find our way. Our eyes are used to the light, so it takes a few minutes before our eyes adjust to the darkness. But once we do adjust, we see an amazing sky full of stars!

Jesus came to the world to be a light. When our focus is on him, the darkness is pushed back and we see things differently. Our eyes and hearts are opened to a deeper meaning in our relationships and our circumstances. We may not still fully understand, but we can see more.

Lord God, may Your light shine on me so I may see more clearly
and so the darkness may not overcome me. Amen.