Make Music

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 5:6-14

worshipOften listening to music is one of the most emotional experiences we can have.

There are playlists for just about any mood we can have. Feeling down? There’s a whole genre of music to be there with you. Excited? Well, there’s a lot of music for then as well!

There is little which connects to our hearts more than music.

And making and singing music is also a very powerful way to connect to God. And at this time there are so many beautiful hymns and carols which speak of God’s gift to the world. Songs we wish we could sing all year round, but that would be awkward at times.

So we reserve them for this month. A month in which we are getting ready. Getting ready for the birth of a Saviour, a gift to the whole earth.

A gift to you and to me.

The gift of a Saviour, with love, from God.

Lord God, my heart bursts with the joy of the music we sing.
May my heart be always full of Your love for me as shown in Your gift to us. Amen.