Humbly Sharing

Scripture Reading: 2 Corinthians 4:3-6

lightraysThere are all sorts of people in the world. There are people who are incredibly humble, not willing to accept congratulations or commendations for the work they do. Then there are people who are quite the opposite, even willing to accept the congratulations for work done by others!

While the latter is often far more annoying, the humble people can also be difficult to deal with at times. Why can’t some people accept a simple thank you?

Balance is important. It’s okay to receive some reward for the work we do, but we shouldn’t go too far.

In matters of faith, we seek to recognize the work God does in our lives, and humbly accepting the work He does. It’s in recognizing God’s work in our lives which allows us to share our faith so freely. Through sharing we are able to help other people see the work of God in their lives. And the more people who see God in their lives, the harder it is for the darkness to over come the Light of God in the world.

This Advent, may we see God’s Light fully in our lives through the gift of Jesus Christ.

Lord God, help me to see where You are most fully in my life.
May I see Your Light within me so I may share this Light with others, giving all glory to You. Amen.