Scripture Reading: Isaiah 40:1-11

IMG_0427My family likes to explore the outdoors. We like to go to new places and hike to see what we can find. We look for animal tracks. We explore hills and valleys. We take pictures of flowers and leaves to look up later on to see what they are. We like to play in God’s creation.

We also live in an area with high unemployment, addictions, and poverty. We see the daily struggles some people have, and how they sometimes are unable to get out and enjoy God’s creation as much as we do.

The good news is that God is coming again so we may see the fullness of His creation. We see this fullness in the Christmas story as God comes to earth Himself as Jesus. Jesus, the promised one, who will strengthen people, who will guide them, as a shepherd guides his sheep.

God is here with us, leading us, loving us, and protecting us. Behold His glory given to us in the Christ child.

Lord God, in the beauty of Your creation,
may I behold Your glory in the Christ child this Christmas. Amen.