Sing and Rejoice!

Scripture Reading: Zephaniah 3:14-17

blue giftWe’re nearly there. It’s the-day-before-the-day-before. Soon stores will be quiet. Soon streets will be dark except the glow of the Christmas lights lining them. Soon the world will seem at peace, silent, still.

I walk to the church on Christmas Eve because I’m usually the first one there. My family will make their way down closer to the start of the service. I love this walk because of what I describe above. The streets are so quiet. The lights are so beautiful. I pass by homes and see families gathered together.

This is a joyous time of year for most of us. A time when we are celebrating what we have, what’s most important. Family. Friends.

A gift.

A gift from God Himself. A gift which has taken away our guilt and replaced it with unmeasurable love.

Jesus Christ has come for you, so that you may know this same love. So you too can sing and rejoice in God who loves you.

Lord God, I will sing and rejoice for what You have done.
I welcome this gift in my life, and will share it with others as You have shared it with me. Amen.