Scripture Reading: Luke 2:8-20

Birth Of JesusHe is here.

In the quiet of the night, God has come to us.

Born to a virgin. In a stable. Far from home. Announced to the shepherds.

God has come.

God has come to a broken family, a family living in shame for Mary was pregnant before marriage.

God has come to outsiders, dirty shepherds in the fields. A lowly profession without respect from others.

God has come to a dirty stable. Not a pristine hospital or a palace. Not surrounded by caregivers, family and friends, but surrounded by animals and clutter.

God has shown who he has come for in the birth of Jesus. God has come to save the broken. To heal the wounded. To walk with those who struggle.

God has come for you.

Lord God, thank you for coming.
Thank you for walking with me in this life, and leading me into the next.
I pray I will always seek you in my life, for I know you will always be with me. Amen.