Eternal Light

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 60:19-22

christmas lightsLike many families, we all jump in the car in the evening a couple of days before Christmas for a drive to see all the houses decorated in our town. Some are very elaborate and others are… umm… not quite so elaborate. But regardless, on a dark evening with maybe a little snow on the ground, the lights really brighten up our streets with colour and joy.

This season we are preparing to celebrate the birth of our Saviour, and are longing for his return. Like the streets, there is a darkness in our world we would love to see overcome.

Jesus came to show us the light which will never fade, never set, never leave us in darkness. This is who we are readying ourselves for this time of year. This is the one who can see us through our darker periods of life and also celebrate with us in our times of joy.

Lord God, Your gift of light to a darkened world is a comfort and reassurance for me.
Let me see this light in all my life. Amen